Froddo Children's Footwear

Froddo Children's Footwear



      A fulfilled childhood has nothing to do with cleanliness, obedience or listening to your mum who hassles you to eat the whole apple. A happy child is a little playful child who has the freedom to enjoy a game with his friends, to discover how much sand will fit in the hole next to the tree, how many worms can fit into a small cup or how fast can he eat a whole chocolate bar. No child is the same just as no foot is the same.

      We celebrate this diversity, we celebrate it and we do not want to practice the one-size-fits-all approach among children because in this way all the beauty is lost.

      We want to make children feel as if this individual shoe, boot, sandal or trainer is made just for them - for James, Alex, Frieda, Lota, Phillip or Petra. Children who grow up freely are not only happier, but they also leave distinct footprints.

      These shoes are made exclusively from aniline natural leather and anatomically designed to ensure the right amount of support and comfort.

      The shoe's design was developed in consultation with orthopedic surgeons and pays close attention to the insole, midsole and outsole.

      This ensures optimum support to your child’s growing feet.

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